The purposes and goals of SUS is to develop a mechanism of the distributed support, to educate one's consciousness to take unconditionally economic and political processes based on the sense of obligation. SUS organizes such practicums and researches new ways of conceptual presentation aiming at establishing new structure of human capital and resource, grounded not in activities of life sustaining critical services, but in development of resources for the sake of the future.
SuS (Susfoling Union of Sets) presents the very first session of the ASMR laboratory conducted as a part of the Distributed Support practicums. This session is a practical employment of the methodology of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response used as a mechanism soothing the Reaction Of Obligation to unconditional distribution of the material means, as well as a substitution of this reaction with tingles spreading all over one's body.
The main task of the SUS laboratory lies in the appliance of acoustic, visual, and tactile triggers as instruments of adaptation and training in relation to global economic processes.