Should the viewer be involved in the process through his/her physical action? Is it possible for the now_internet and the future_internet to provide a place for collectivity and to criticize it in the form of opposition to viewing (as a process contrary to cognition) and engagement (as a criteria for unconditional action)?

As an answer to these questions, nogr offers a workshop based on the scenario for the exploitation of this collectivity in future cinema.

Why cinema? Montage, the collision of different images in it with the image of the real, forms of representation: this is what defines cinema on one hand, and on the other becomes a special form of political, ethical, and aesthetic. Today, the platform and data stream industry easily takes up this potential place and completely eliminates the question of the emancipation of the viewer. Tomorrow, however, it may be vice versa.

This film is a result of three thirty minutes sessions. Each session is a live stream cut from the ip camera streams which will be connected to within the same live stream. It can be any camera from cctv to open streams from cameras inside the Internet of things. Each session is a collective experience within the landscape of politics, ethics and aesthetics. It is an attempt, by means of montage, access technologies and content delivery, on the one hand to imagine cinema and, on the other hand, to redistribute the viewer's abilities and disabilities.
PlacePloitation Cinema